Sparkle and Charm

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jewelry around the world

I have been selling jewelry at craft fairs and on Ebay for almost a year now. It is really fun. I love thinking about my jewelry walking all over the world. I meet so many nice people on Ebay. It really is a global community I think. I am a member of two jewelry "clubs", The Bead Hive, and Bounties of Beads. It is really great to have these discussion boards of people who love to make beads and jewelry. Not only do we become friends and learn new things...we also buy our supplies and jewelry from each other, so it is another selling opportunity as well.

Selling is all about being able to afford what we like to do, which is create beads and jewelry. I love nothing better than to be at my work bench wire-wrapping another creation and hoping someone will like it as much as I do. I try to add a little unexpected touch to each of my creations, and a lot of charm and whimsy. Some of my necklaces I want to call "fairy" necklace, but I think that is a little "far out" for a jewelry listing. They are so light weight, and the little stones in them are interesting and sparkly enough for a fairy to wear!

Today I am shipping two packages, which is about an every day occurance these days. I'm not getting rich, but I am achieving my goal of moving things out so that I have room for more.

Enjoy the day!