Sparkle and Charm

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Shipping

This is the first year I have been selling for the Christmas Season. Yesterday I shipped four pair of earrings, and realized that in order to make sure they arrived by Christmas, they needed to go priority. The Berry Earrings I made this season have been popular, and I know that people want them for the holidays, so they have to get in the mail. I made blueberry, red crystal, green pearl, turquoise and yesterday I made a pair of silver berries that look like they are just right for New Years.

They are made with two or three "berry" beads wire-wrapped to sterling silver chain and finished with one or two green glass leaves. Wire-wrapping onto the chain is a bit tricky, because they need to hand evenly, but not be the same. They are balanced to hang so that one is facing in and one is facing out, and so that the leaves are hanging in the back of the berries. Wire-wrapping to have beads facing one direction is something that I considered advanced. It is fun to think about my first wire-wrapping class and how much I didn't know then.

So, the holiday rush for earrings is almost over. Then my listings will change to New Years, then Valentine's Day, then....well, it goes on and on.

I love selling my earrings and jewelry. And that's a fact.