Sparkle and Charm

Friday, September 09, 2005

Green chandelier earrings

I took a class at Sparks last night from a very nice teacher, who taught me a few tricks about wire wrapping briolettes and also gave me a little more confidence that I really do know how to do this. It was a fun class with very nice young women, and I made one of these chandelier earrrings during that class and finished the other one this morning. They are wire-wrapped with sterling silver, and I guess the next step is to learn how to be frugal with silver, since each earring took very close to three feet of silver wire. They are wire-wrapped all the way through, and dangle really well. I love the green briolettes and the shiny cats eye with the darker green Swarovski crystal. I wasn't sure about the design until I was half way through the first earring, and it started to take shape. They are very soft to the touch, and they dangle really easily and each strand stays close to the other. I am very happy with them.

I think I am going to keep these, and wear them for my 40th highschool reunion dinner in Oklahoma which will be September 25th. More about that at another time, my friends. Today, is is all about earrings and using my day to make mother and daughter pearl and crystal bracelets for the fair tomorrow.